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Advanced Joint Care for Maximum Flexibility

The only product with ALL 6 of the proven ingredients that vets recommend to give your pet maximum joint mobility!

Reduces joint pain and stiffness

Veterinarian formulated

Highest quality ingredients

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 4,705+ Happy Pet Parents

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Hear What The Other Pet Parents Are Saying About It

Testimonial picture

Amy Huang.


“I have a decade old Shih Tzu and he could only walk for a few steps before dropping on his left side. He couldn't get on or off the couch any longer. When attempting to climb up or down, he would bark for assistance. He would relax and be OK if I took him for morning walks. When he gets home, he would just lay down and would hardly move the whole day. In a desperate hunt for a solution, I turned to the internet and located this item on Amazon. This glucosamine supplement is amazing and after just a few takes, our dog is back to his old self. When he sat up on his back legs on the couch with his front paws on my shoulder, I knew it was the supplement working its magic. I didn't know if he was attempting to tell me he was feeling better until he did it again the next day. In months, he hadn't been able to sit like that. I love the brand name, Pets Are Kids Too - because they are!”



There was a time when I thought that my fur buddy had to cross the rainbow bridge. He was in excruciating pain. He suffered from an ACL tear, two failed patellae, severe hip dysplasia (one hip had to be pushed back into place), and osteoarthritis. The vet recommended a number of operations due to a compressed trachea that I couldn't afford and that I think would be too much to take for my buddy. So, I decided to look for alternative options. And three months later, he is delightfully well by taking this glucosamine soft chews!



I only write reviews when something totally astounds me and renders me dumbfounded. My 9 year old chihuahua mix weighs 7-8 pounds, and my 6-year-old chihuahua mix weighs 20 pounds. I both give them this every day because they enjoy it, and they both get excited and eat it without hesitation, which is convenient because I don't have to force them. When we took my 9-year-old to the park, she was having problems moving about, so I looked into what would be best for her. My 9-year-old has clear eyes, her joints used to pop a lot but scarcely ever now, she looks more comfortable, and it's harder to say with my younger dog, I know her hips get sore from a previous accident, but I haven't noticed either in discomfort much. As a more preventative step, I started with my younger dog. If you have an older dog with bad joints like mine, I highly recommend it. Overall, I believe this product has improved my pets' quality of life, which is just what we want.



For the past few years, our old arthritic retriever has been suffering from terrible stiffness and arthritis. He'd catch and return the ball as many times as he could as long as he could find someone to throw it for him. He came into our lives later in life, but he had spent his early years chasing balls, which is one of the thing she loves to do. As a result, his joints were harmed. He's stopped fetching since getting up after laying down is so difficult and inconvenient for him. We knew that he was in severe especially in his joints. A friend's dog died a few months ago, and she gave us this hip and joint supplement. I began giving it to him every day, not expecting it to make much of a difference, but was also thinking what harm can be done? After a few days, I noticed a gradual increase in his movement, but after about more than a month, I noticed a significant change in him. It seemed as though he had reverted to puppyhood, as everyone here claims. When he started bouncing up and down the stairs, demanding to go out more frequently, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it when he began to bounce up and down with much greater ease.. He just seemed to be improving. I observed him quickly reverting to the stiff, sad old dog he used to be when we ran out of this amazing supplement. His legs were tight once more, and it took a while for them to loosen up enough for him to walk. I immediately placed my order and I'm not going to run out of these anytime soon. I If your dog is anything like ours, I highly recommend this product. It's fantastic.

lisa juwayyid.


Last year, my pit/boxer had an ACL surgery. She seemed to have been recovering well from the operation, but I noticed that she wasn't herself after the procedure. According to her vet, her arthritis was severe. The vet suggested that I try to give her Glucosamine supplements so I immediately went on a search for one Luckily, I have a friend who recommended this brand. What a change, and I will forever be grateful. She can now run, jump, and do other activities that she used to perform before the surgery. What a significant difference. WOW is all I have to say. I'm delighted that she's starting to feel like herself again, and that she's improving day by day. I hope your dogs have as much fun as I do! I'm just ecstatic that she's doing better and that I know she is happier!



For Moo, our senior dog, I've tried a variety of glucosamine treats. Her breed is a black labrador retriever. She is more than a decade old, yet she still believes she is a puppy. She was also diagnosed with EIC, which explains why she has never acted her age. I stopped giving her glucosamine a long time ago because of the negative effects on her intestines. We had to help her get into the truck and then pull her up to get her out because she would have fallen on the ground if she hadn't had it, so we had to help her get into the truck and then pull her up to get her out. Even getting up from a sleep on the floor was difficult for her. Her time had come, and I was worried. Everything changed after taking this glucosamine soft chews. It is given to her on a daily basis. She treats them as though they were a great treat. After a weekend and a half, she's substantially better. This is the first time we've tried a glucosamine supplement that hasn't upset her stomach. I'll definitely be ordering some more! Thank you for providing such a lovely product and allowing me to spend more time with my daughter.

Phyllis J.


I mix it with his food and it appears to be working

Thu Le.


I have almost tried everything for my Australian Shepherd. His back and legs legs were giving him a lot of pain. He was having difficulty standing and walking. He can't run as quickly as he once could. I couldn't find anything that could help until now. This stuff, thankfully, and gratefully, is amazing! He's come a long way thanks to his improved mobility. He stands up easily, walks properly, and appears to be pain-free. I don't like writing product reviews for dogs unless I'm positive they've helped and are beneficial. All of the ingredients are natural and organic. My 12-year-old doggie is doing so much better, and I'm ecstatic! It comes with my highest recommendation!



It's fantastic that it was able to help my Blue Nose Pitbull's knee. We took her to the vet in March, and he told us that her knee was dislocating, which is uncommon in larger dogs, and that she would need both legs luxated patella surgery. Aside from the financial cost, I am afraid to have her undergo a surgery. So, I did some research to hopefully keep my baby out of pain. She'd hop around all the time, each leg getting a turn. It got to the point where she'd hide from time to time. Then I discovered this awesome brand! These chewables started working for her within two weeks of giving them to her! She's sprinting now, and she doesn't appear to be as happy as she was before; no more hopping! Thank you sincerely! I'm going to keep bugging them and recommending them to my furry pal!



Our 15-year-old sheltie has salivary gland cancer. Given her age, we are going into hospice mode. It makes no sense to us to make the last days of her life miserable with surgery, radiation, chemo, and endless doctor's appointments when she's already at the end of her life expectancy. She remains happy and symptom free, but for the lump.

Are you taking proper care of your dog’s joints?

Studies show that 1 in 5 Dogs will suffer from some kind of arthritic pain in their lives. This means that joint pain is actually very common amongst almost all dogs - big and small. And, if your dog is not getting a proper nutrient-dense diet, it becomes even more likely they’ll begin to experience life-altering pain.
The good news is, serious joint issues can be easily avoided! Pets Are Kids Advanced Joint Chews are loaded with the nutrients your dog needs to stay active and healthy well into old age!

We Take Doggy Joint Health SERIOUSLY

Not only do dogs love the taste of our MOUTHWATERING pork-flavored chews, but our chews also go the extra mile using ONLY research-backed ingredients to ensure your best friend is as healthy and happy as possible!


Unlike most other chews, we combine BOTH glucosamine and chondroitin. The added chondroitin compounds on the lubricating effects of glucosamine to create a powerful anti-inflammatory for dogs.

Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate


It’s a dirty secret in the pet industry that many companies will save money by filling their chews with all kinds of “feed-grade” fillers. This is BAD NEWS for your pup because those low-quality ingredients can lead to all kinds of stomach issues like constipation and diarrhea.
You won’t find any of that in our chews! We make every chew using ONLY clean, natural, and proven-to-work ingredients.


Another important element of proper joint care (which most other chews forget) is absorption. Will your pup’s body be able to use all the new nutrients they’re getting? That’s why all our chews contain a tried and tested dose of hyaluronic acid. Not only does Hyaluronic Acid increase the production of new collagen, but it also works like a beefed-up nutrient delivery system to damaged joints.

Sodium Bicarbonate


Fights Tartar & Plaque Build-up


Dogs love one thing and one thing only - physical activity! If your pup can’t express themselves through play and exercise they’ll start to feel trapped by their sore joints. Our chews are formulated to maintain joint fluid viscosity and overall flexibility no matter how rambunctious your pup can be!

Restores Puppy Breath


Studies show that joint pain can be IRREVERSIBLE in dogs. This means that once your pouch starts to suffer, it can be dang near impossible to reverse the damage done. That’s why our chews are designed to support the long-term health of your dog’s connective tissue.

100% Natural Ingredients


Joint pain in dogs can be tough to spot. Are you sure your dog’s not suffering from hidden pain? Our chews contain a daily dose of fatty acids and many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to see increased energy levels and improved everyday health in their pup as a result.

Pets Love The Taste


It’s not uncommon for dogs with reduced activity due to joint pain to suffer from muscle deterioration. Our chews contain all the essential nutrients they’ll need to grow and maintain a healthy body.

From Pet Parents to Pet Parents

Alcohol Free

100% Alcohol-Free

Help a Pet With Cancer

Automatic donation to a pet in need (at not cost to you)

Vet Approved Product

Vet-Approved Product

Vet Approved

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You Can Save 200 Pets With Cancer By 2022

We stand by our name and consider pets a part of our family. That’s why, as a company, our main vision is to save 200 pets with cancer by 2022. You can contribute to it by simply sending us a picture of your pet, once your bottle of Premium Dental Spray arrives. When you do so, we’ll donate a portion of the profits to a pet with cancer and send you a picture of the pet you saved. It’s just like “pets helping pets.”

Advanced Joint Care FAQ

What are the ingredients?

We worked with Veterinarians to develop this formula so it is both highly effective and completely safe : ) (I personally use it with my 2 French Bulldogs every day because they deserve the best) The ingredients are glucosamine, green lipped mussel, Norwegian salmon oil, chondroitin, turmeric curcumin, hyaluronic acid, apple cider vinegar, brewer’s dried yeast, coconut glycerin, dried whey, honey, mixed tocopherols (Rosemary), molasses, natural hickory smoke flavor, pork spray dried liver, soy lecithin, and tapioca starch.

Where is the product manufactured?

In a state-of-the-art CGMP certified facility. And all of our products are 100% Made in the USA.

How much is shipping?

We offer FREE shipping all over the USA!

How long will it take to arrive?

In most situations you will have it in 2-3 business days. You will see the shipping time before you check out though.

I want to give this a try; how can I order it?

This one is simple! Just select your package above - we recommend getting the 6 bottles package as it not only gives you a major savings of $121.68 but also saves you from letting your pet suffer for a long time without using the product... As out of stock is always a risk!