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Dental Spray Designed to Fight Dangerous Oral Problems That Pets Inevitably Face

A simple, inexpensive solution to slaying stinky breath and protecting your pet’s teeth.

Instantly eliminate bad dog and cat breath

Eliminates the root cause of tartar, and plaque

Highest quality ingredients

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 4,705+ Happy Pet Parents

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Hear What The Other Pet Parents Are Saying About It

Testimonial picture

Matthew W.


“I would’ve got this before if only I knew that dental hygiene was THIS easy. My golden retriever Charlie used to have bad breath. I would smell it in my car, in the house, while petting him or even just playing with him. Brushing his teeth didn’t really work, so I decided to try Dental Spray, I’m not sorry. I immediately got the 6-bottle package, ‘cause I know I’m not going to stop using it soon (and saves me some money 😉).”

Anthony D.


To be clear, I am neither a dentist nor a veterinarian, so I can't attest to the effectiveness of this product from a professional standpoint. However, I can say that I have noticed some improvements in my 80 pound puppy! She did not like the taste sprayed directly into her mouth, so I had to mix it with water. Basically, after walking around the block or chasing the ball in the back yard, she gets very thirsty. I take a hand full of ice, drop it into an empty bowl, and spray 5 squirts of the pet spray directly onto the cubes. Then, I add some water on top. She is so thirsty that she drinks the entire bowl. What I have noticed in the last few days is that her gums are more pink and her breath smells much sweeter, which is wonderful. IT was definitely worth the price, and I love the ingredients. Win/Win!

Lisa N.


We ordered this spray for our Yorkies after trying some others. Some of the others were on the upper price end and some in the middle. Most of them when I would go to use them the Yorkies would pull away and didn't want me to lift their lip. I would think it was the taste. When we received this product, that night I got them one at a time on my lap sprayed a little in my hand and let each one smell. I got Lexie first sprayed a little around her face, she didn't flinch, unusual, lifted her lip sprayed her gum, nothing, front, to other side sprayed, nothing. Not a flinch. Now it's for Benji, the pain! got him on my lap. I knew he was going to be a problem of pulling away. Sprayed a little in the air around his face. Nothing. Put my hand at his upper lip lifted it up 2 good sprays on L side 1 front- no problem. moved to R-side 2 good sprays-no problems. I couldn't believe it. You ask me what the difference is, I don't know. Taste maybe? I know their breath is getting a whole lot better. The tartar and plaque I honestly don't know because I've just been using the product a few days but I'll be glad to report back in a few months. We're putting 2 to 3 sprays in their drinking water daily also. Right now I would recommend the product because of the problems I've been through with our Yorkies with bad breath. It's working very good.

Jason K.


Our dog hates any kind of dental proceedure and clenches her teeth tight. After just a few treatments, she is now very relaxed and tolerant of the spray. Obviously it tastes very pleasant to her . The dental spray has a very fresh scent and with a few spritzes, our dog's breath and mouth are "kissing sweet". We certainly will be return customers. Not only is this a great product, as a bonus you get warm and personal customer service along with the reward of knowing that a large portion of your purchase goes to providing medical treatment to dogs with cancer. Thank you "Pets Are Kids Too" for your fine product and for giving back to our furry friends in need.

Marty O.


This is A W E S O M E!! It works! I have two dogs (8 & 9). One has always had some pretty rank breath and plaque build up. I brush their teeth but not daily...more like once every two weeks. This spray is yummy (yes, I test out what I give my dogs). They like it. Stevia is the last ingredient so obviously it adds a pleasant sweetness. It not only freshens their breath but it softens the plaque so when you do brush their teeth you'll be amazed at how much comes off. I spray three times in their fresh water every day as well. I say all of this after using this product for only six days. No s**t! Results, man....a great product with fantastic intentions. They donate a % to pets with cancer. I'm usually rather skeptical but I give this spray two thumbs up and a huge high five! Buy it. Use it. You and your pet will love it 😀 also, your vet will never tell you about this product because they want to put your animal under anesthesia and clean their teeth to the tune of $200 and up.

Kevin M.


"5 stars - This stuff is great! I've bought other dental sprays and they haven't made any difference in my dogs breath. This one made their breath smell better than he very first time I used it and I have a standered poodle whose breath is the absolute worst and this worked !"

Jennifer F.


“I actually have a couple of pets, a cat and a pug. I always had the bad breath issue, but never tried Dental Spray because I didn’t really believe it could work. I tried breath bones, freshener treats, nothing really improved their breath, especially my dog’s. When I got Premium Dental Spray, I got it for the health benefits, but I’m so glad it’s actually working with their breath. It smells fresh, it’s such a pleasure, thank you!”

Audrey D.


I bought this because I saw all the great reviews. I needed to buy something to help with my two dog's bad breath. It was just really bad. They go to the vet and have no serious issues. This spray really works. Their breath smells so much better than before. My dogs don't come running up to me just waiting to get it sprayed in their mouth but they do tolerate it. I bought this only for their bad breath. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my dog's teeth and noticed they are actually cleaner! Like a big difference. This isn't why I bought it but I'm so happy it helps with that too. I spray it in their mouth once daily on each side and also spray in their water bowl everyday.

Don’t Let Your Pet Suffer Alone!

Most of the pet owners think that “bad breath” is not something serious when this isn’t the case - and their pet could literally be inches away from death. The bacteria from plaque and tartar can easily enter the blood, causing life-dangering gum diseases and heart, liver, and kidney diseases. That’s why Premium Dental Spray attacks the bacteria head-on, destroys tartar and plaque, promotes gum health, and freshens your pet’s breath.

The “Powerful Three” Formula

Most of the other brands’ products have strong oils to mask the smell or too much stevia that causes diarrhea or upset stomach. But, our product is 100% hypoallergenic, neem oil-free, non-toxic, alcohol-free and contains the “powerful three” formula so you can take care of your pet’s health.

Sodium Benzoate

This super effective “bacteria killer” nips the source of tartar and plaque in the bud. It’s found in berries, plums, apples, cinnamon, and it has also been approved by FDA for edible usage.

Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate

Potassium Sorbate

It’s the salt of sorbic acid which is naturally found in the vibrant berries of mountain ash. It not only prevents broken teeth by increasing the bone mineral density but also improves the overall gum health.

Sodium Bicarbonate

This naturally occurring ingredient is commonly known as baking soda, it’s well-known for “cleaning” superpowers amongst grandmothers and dentists. It melts away all the tartar and plaque build-up making teeth white and shiny. Moreover, it’s also recognized as safe by the FDA.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Pet Dentist in a Bottle

Fights Tartar & Plaque Build-up

Fights Tartar & Plaque Build-up

With time, Premium Dental Spray will improve your pet’s oral hygiene. It dissolves tartar and fights plaque build-up. See effectiveness in the first weeks.

Restores Puppy Breath

Restores Puppy Breath

Stinky dog/cat breath is not normal, it’s a sign of bad oral hygiene. It’s repulsive and you can't ignore it. We’ve combined multiple natural ingredients to make sure you get rid of the bad breath and restore that cute, innocent puppy breath.

100% Natural Ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

We do not use harmful ingredients like alcohol in any of our products. We focus on quality, which is why we use vet-approved ingredients that are natural and safe.

Pets Love The Taste

Pets Love The Taste

This is easy to apply because your dog or cat will actually love the taste. After a while he’ll start begging for it. It’s a win-win situation.

From Pet Parents to Pet Parents

Alcohol Free

100% Alcohol-Free

Help a Pet With Cancer

Automatic donation to a pet in need (at not cost to you)

Vet Approved Product

Vet-Approved Product

Vet Approved
No-hassle dental spray approved by veterinarians that will treat pet bad breath, plaque, and tartar. Premium Dental Spray also fights periodontal disease (gum disease) and generally improves your pet’s dental hygiene without needing to brush.

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You Can Save 200 Pets With Cancer By 2022

We stand by our name and consider pets a part of our family. That’s why, as a company, our main vision is to save 200 pets with cancer by 2022. You can contribute to it by simply sending us a picture of your pet, once your bottle of Premium Dental Spray arrives. When you do so, we’ll donate a portion of the profits to a pet with cancer and send you a picture of the pet you saved. It’s just like “pets helping pets.”

Dental Spray FAQ

How To Use?

Pet dental spray is easy to apply. It’s safer and faster than dog bones (which sometimes might fracture teeth), and other breath fresheners.

Just add 3 – 5 sprays into your pet’s water bowl AND 2-3 sprays along their gums & teeth (both sides).

Pro tip: if your pet is hesitant, spray some on a dish. They will lick it up, realize that they love the taste, and start begging for it every day!

How does it work?

Our dental spray works at an enzymatic level and eliminates the root cause - “bacteria” - which is responsible for bad breath, tartar, plaque, and gum diseases.

What are the ingredients?

We worked with Veterinarians to develop this formula so it is both highly effective and completely safe :) (I personally use it with my 2 french bulldogs every day) The ingredients are purified water, aloe vera extract, pepper mint, spearmint, glycerin, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, baking soda, and a very small amount of stevia :)

Can it cause nausea or allergy to the pets?

Our premium dental spray has hypo-allergenic formula, so rest assured it won’t cause any allergic reaction to your pet. Moreover, it doesn’t have Xylitol, a well-known ingredient responsible for nausea and other adverse reactions… That’s why, we’re confident it won’t cause nausea or allergy to your pets. However, if you’re still concerned then you can spray a small amount and test for adverse reactions. As you’re already covered by our lifetime 100% money back guarantee, so if there are any adverse reactions you can get your investment back, no questions asked.

Does it contain alcohol like other pet dental products,? Alcohol, even small amounts, can be harmful to pets…

No, it does not, we made our formula 100% alcohol free!

Where is the product manufactured?

All of our products are 100% made in the USA.

How much is shipping and how long will it take to arrive?

We offer FREE shipping all over the USA using UPS and it’ll be at your doorstep within 3-5 business days.

I want to give this a try, how can I order it?

This one is simple! Just select your package above - we recommend getting the 6 bottles package as it not only gives you a major savings of $152.28 but also saves you from letting your pet suffer for a long time without using the product... As out of stock is always a risk!

Does it help with tartar and plaque that has been built up for a long time?

Yes it does. Obviously if the plaque/tartar build up has been accumulating for years and is severe, it may take longer to see results. Consistency is key!

Does the product contain any fluoride?

No, our Premium Pet Dental Spray does not contain fluoride. We worked with Veterinarians to develop this formula so it is both highly effective and completely safe.

Do I still need to brush my pets teeth?

Brushing is still good for your pet, but we designed this as a “no brush formula” as a viable alternative to brushing. In a perfect world, you would do both. But many of our customers only use the dental spray.

How often do you use the spray?

We recommend using it twice a day, every day (just like a human brushing their teeth)

Is this safe for cats too?

Yes, absolutely! The product is designed for dogs and cats :)

Do I have to use this spray daily?

Yes, for best results, we recommend using it twice daily.

Do you spray it in water or in your pet's mouth?

Either can work, but for best results, we recommend both twice a day.

What do I do if my pet is hesitant to let me spray the stuff in their mouth?

A “pro-tip” is to spray some on a dish (and let your pet see you do it) while saying “TREAT!” in an excited voice. Once you’ve done this a couple times and they have tasted it and see that they like it, they will be much more open to letting you spray it directly in their mouth. You can also simply spray it in their water dish.