Hello Fellow Pet Parents!


We're Chad & Mallory, the founders behind Pets Are Kids Too.  And of course, you're wondering who the adorable dogs are in the photo: Those are our kids, Brock & Beast....now working their first job as Pets Are Kids Too's mascots!

Pets Are Kids Too started as a small, family owned company and has grown into a movement that has helped tens of thousands of pet owners find healthy products for their furry kids!

You’re a PET PARENT, not just a pet owner.  

You care about your pet like they’re your own child. 

You know pets bring joy to life and are the embodiment of unconditional love.  

You also know that many pets are not shown that same unconditional love…. some are abandoned in shelters.

And some are not cared for by large pet companies who put harmful ingredients in their products simply to make more profit.

That’s why we set out to create fantastic products that are natural, 100% safe, and highly effective….

We know that pet parents like you are the real solution to these problems, and we want to help you show that same unconditional love to your pet, and pets all around the world. 



Thanks for your support, andwelcome to the family!

- Chad, Mal, Brock & Beast, & the Pets Are Kids Too team 


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