Is Your Dog’s Grooming an Urgent Warning Sign They Need Your HELP?!


What’s the difference between GOOD grooming and BAD grooming?

We all know that dogs have an innate instinct to lick themselves...

And they will almost always try to “clean themselves up” with their tongues…

But how much licking is too much?

And is your dog’s grooming masking a painful secret?

Meet Nala…

Nala is a 3-year-old German Shepherd who used to spend a lot of time frustrating her mother...

You see, Nala was a world-class “Escape Artist.”

“She’d break out of the yard almost every day. I’d drop her outside and next thing I knew I’d get a call from a neighbor saying he just saw Nala prancing through the neighborhood. It didn’t matter what I did. She’d always got out... ”

But, even though Nala could be A LOT to handle sometimes, Susan loved her with all her heart. 

And like any proud parent, Susan did everything she could to make sure Nala was happy and healthy.

That’s why Susan was so SHOCKED to learn that Nala was secretly in PAIN...

“Nala was licking herself like she always does and the vet just looked at me and asked if she always licked herself that much...”

The vet told Susan that Nala’s licking could be a warning sign of serious joint pain...

After a few tests, the vet told Susan that Nala was suffering from the early signs of hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. 

And over time she would gradually wear down her joints and spend most of her life in pain…

Which is heartbreaking to hear.

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How Did the Vet Know the REAL Cause Of Her Licking?

The truth is that joint pain can be OVERWHELMING for dogs…

Which is why dogs will often try to soothe themselves through licking. And, if the pain doesn’t go away, they will even start to lick RAW PATCHES into their skin. 


What’s worse is joint damage can be IRREVERSIBLE in dogs. 

Which could mean that if she didn’t catch it when she did... Nala’s licking would have gotten worse and worse for the rest of her life!

Luckily Nala wasn’t a lost cause… 

The Vet said Nala was in SERIOUS need of nutrients.

And with the right additions to her diet, it was still possible for her to live a full and healthy life!

A Safe and Natural Way to Soothe Joint Pain…Recommended by Vets and Dog Owners Alike!

The Vet suggested that Susan try Pets Are Kids Advanced Joint Care. 

And the reason Pets Are Kids Advanced Joint Care had become her vet’s go-to prescription for doggos with joint pain...

Is because most joint chews you can buy on Amazon or at the store contain just glucosamine. 

Which isn’t always enough to soothe the pain.

But, Pets Are Kids Advanced Joint Care combines BOTH glucosamine and chondroitin.

The added chondroitin compounds the effects of glucosamine and can be a super powerful anti-inflammatory for dogs.  It’s like 1+1 = 10!

Joint Care Relief That’s Helping Pets Across The Country!  “My vet said he LOVED how well they work. And he couldn’t wait to see what they did for Nala!”

The vet wasn’t disappointed. And neither was Susan.

But most importantly… Nala got her groove back! 

Nala’s sore joints must’ve really appreciated all the tasty nutrient-dense, food-grade ingredients inside her new chews because Susan saw an almost immediate improvement! 

“I caught her sniffing at a hole in the fence the other day. I think she was trying to escape again. I never thought I’d say this… but I couldn’t be happier!” 

Susan spoke with the Pets are Kids Team and told them to let Nala’s story be a warning to other pet owners… 

So we made this page to help dog parents everywhere learn the early warning signs and prevent suffering dogs!

To help give your pup everything they need to prevent joint pain we also started running a new “customer special” on Pet’s are Kids Advanced Joint Care.

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The only product with ALL 6 of the ingredients that vets recommend for your pet to get maximum joint mobility!

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Glucosamine has been clinically proven to maintain synovial fluid which can keep your pup’s joints lubricated and hydrated reducing friction and soreness.
Green Lipped Mussel:
These exotic mussels harvested from the coast of New Zealand have been shown to promote greater hip and joint flexibility.
Norwegian Salmon Oil:
Full of Omega-3s, this unique type of salmon oil is also a potent anti-inflammatory that can help improve blood flow.
Chondroitin (along with Glucosamine) is an essential, all-natural nutrient for arthritic dogs. These two ingredients can repair damaged cartilage along with other body tissues that may be deteriorating in your best friend.
Turmeric Curcumin:
Turmeric Curcumin has been used for centuries as an ancient form of human medicine. In dogs, it serves as an essential building block in maintaining mobility and repairing damaged joints.
Hyaluronic Acid:
Helps promote healthy collagen development and increases the viscosity of joint fluid. This ingredient is vital for older dogs as it can often help fight off osteoporosis.

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