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Help Us Save 200 Pets With Cancer By 2022

Our Mission To Save 200 Pets With Cancer by 2022

Hi, our names are Chad & Mallory, the founders of "Pets Are Kids Too". And those adorable dogs in the picture above are Brock & Beast....our "kids" :)

"Pets Are Kids Too" isn't just a company with great pet products, it's a foundational belief. It's a belief that we share with our tens of thousands of happy customers, and it's THE belief behind our mission to help save 200 pets with cancer by 2022. Having lost our old dog Indy to cancer in the past, this is a very personal mission for us as the founders of the company. A portion of all "Pets Are Kids Too" sales are donated directly to pets with cancer, so THANK YOU for being a part of that by purchasing our products :)

Thanks for being a part of this ❤️
Chad, Mal, Brock & Beast, & the Pets Are Kids Too team.

Every purchase helps to save a pet with cancer, like Maddi, Baez & Zoey.

Send in a photo of your pet and we'll pair it up with the pet that their purchase has helped.

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